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By the way, who am i ?

The short answer to a big question: Je suis Charlie

I work with the sensibility of an artist, the experience of a product designer and the eyes and the rigour of a graphic designer. And although I've been digital since 2006, I'm an eternal beginner who can't resist questioning his projects with paper and pencil.
My job? To question and reject habituation, not getting used to constraints and making visible the problems we no longer notice.
But I'm also there to talk to my customers through listening and ideation workshops, to better understand their needs.
Once the objectives of the project are well in hand, defining the different use cases by mapping out user journeys and prototyping them, carrying out user tests and creating detailed mock-ups, ensures that the best results are achieved.
Who am I? I've been a digital designer since 2006 and Charlie since 1980.

And... where is charlie?

Never far away and always looking for new experiences, don't hesitate to get in touch:

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